UK Case Studies

The two case studies described below are for two business entities at both end of the spectrum in terms of size and also in terms of how insurance was purchased and utilised.

Case 1.

A small building firm based in the North East of England. Originally it was a Family owned partnership involving a number of the immediate family. They eventually incorporated the company but after the introduction in 1972 of compulsory EL insurance, one of the concerns was that prior to 1972 it was assumed that EL insurance had not been purchased.

We utilised our contacts within the UK insurance industry and highlighted those companies we believed historically would have been involved. After a number of inquiries we were able to develop the company's EL history back to 1953 covering the period in which the claim was made.

Case 2.

A large Utility company that had in the past been a nationalised industry. There was again a concern that because of its history this company and its predecessors had not carried either Employers Liability or Public Liability insurance. The starting point was the early 1980's when the company had been privatised.

Through a combination of reviews at various archive centres, historic broker research and direct contact with companies in the UK insurance market we successfully completed a history of both the Employers Liability and Public Liability Insurance for the main business concern along with 12 other major predecessor companies dating back to 1951 and in some cases the late 1930's.

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