R.M. Fields is the leading specialist in the field of Insurance Archaeology.

Conceived in 1981 in response to the first wave of asbestos claims, Insurance Archaeology - the reconstruction and analysis of old insurance coverage - has developed into a specialized area of insurance consulting which now provides assistance to clients in every industry segment in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

In this past decade, the first of the 21st Century, R.M. Fields has provided Insurance Archaeology Services to agribusiness and airport authorities, to brewers and builders, chemical companies and cosmeticians, distributors and dry cleaners, miners and municipalities, plumbing suppliers and power companies, realty companies and refineries.

We conduct assignments internationally, regularly reviewing documents in attics, barns, garages, Iron Mountains and underground storage facilities. We will find your records wherever they are stored and unearth evidence of your insurance from the unlikeliest of places.